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The new update isn’t the major OP07 update they’ve been working on, but it fixes some bugs to improve the game while they continue to develop OP07.

OPTCG Sim 1.21b

New Content:

  • Western Format Update: ST12 and OP06 cards are now playable in the Western format!
  • Eastern Format Update: A new banlist keeps things balanced in the Eastern format.
  • New Leader: Get ready to rumble with the P-076 Sakazuki Leader card!

New Features (Beta):

  • SaveState and LoadState: Experiment with different strategies and test bugs with this new feature that allows you to save and load game states in Solo V Self mode.
  • Customizable Private Matches: Set custom rules (Western, Eastern, or Unlimited) for your private matches.
  • Flipping Decks: Decks now flip face-up upon game over for easier post-game analysis.

Bug Fixes:

This update tackles a ton of bugs, including fixes for:

  • Rematching opponents
  • Discard and deploy effects (e.g., Rebecca)
  • Bon Clay’s (ST08) interaction with Blocker Rosinante
  • Izou card searching (OP03)
  • Trash interaction display issues
  • Draw from Trash functionality
  • Shambles mechanics (Law Leader & EB01 event)
  • Delayed card effects (e.g., Oars)
  • Trash to Deck mechanics
  • Chopa-Emon’s (OP05) restand effect
  • Raizo’s (OP06) trigger
  • Top Deck reveal interactions
  • BY Luffy Leader (ST13) double attack handling
  • Absalom’s (OP06) effect timing
  • Bon Clay’s (EB01) copying mechanic
  • 8c Moria’s (OP06) guide text
  • Paulie’s (Iceburg Leader) secondary effect activation
  • Koza’s (EB01-004) power level
  • High power display issues
  • Double attack resolution with triggers
  • “On Don Returned” effects (e.g., 5c Kid)
  • Hyouzou’s (OP06-034) type
  • Sanji’s (OP06 SEC) shuffling effect
  • Character deployment checks (Sanji SEC & Doflamingo Leader)
  • Shirahoshi’s (EB01) activation trigger
  • I Am God (EB01) mechanics
  • Pre-KO effects (e.g., Rosinante & Enel)

This is just a summary of the major changes. Be sure to check the official patch notes for a complete list!

Download links:

Windows – – Google Drive
Android – 1.21b_ENG_Android.apk – Google Drive
Android 32 – 1.21b_ENG_32bAndroid_Compat.apk – Google Drive
Linux – – Google Drive
Mac – – Google Drive

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