About Me

Lj Lambino is a Filipino citizen who works as a web developer and has a passion for gaming. He enjoys playing popular games such as Axie Infinity, Ragnarok Online Mobile, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Mafia City and Pokemon TCG Online, as well as physical card games like Futurecard Buddyfight, Dragoborne, Pokemon Trading Card Game, and One Piece Card Game. While he is passionate about programming and website development, he currently focuses on systems development for automating operations and human resource processes in his current job. He also handles payroll computations for other companies. Additionally, he serves as the webmaster for several websites including hagabiprodukto.com, set.gov.ph, accesslocal.com.ph, and this website.

While his work passion is programming, he also manages Facebook groups such as Mobile Legends Philippines Numbah Wan Official Group with 212,797 members and counting, One Piece TCG Philippines with 11,200 members and counting, and Slam Dunk Mobile Philippines Official Group with 8,500 members and counting. Additionally, he is the creator and administrator of the LJGaming Facebook page where he streams his gameplay for Axie Infinity, Ragnarok Online Mobile, and Mobile Legends Bang Bang. The page has already gained 2,500 followers and is continuously growing. If you stumbled upon this information, please do like and follow LJGaming page.

If you are planning to create a website or need computer tutorials, feel free to reach out to me via my Facebook page or by emailing me at ceo@ljlambino.com.

You may also visit and subscribe to his LJGaming Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw23R8uFsnqH8Jfv8hymZlg.

Awards and Recognitions

2012 Pokemon City Championships 1st Runner-up
2012 GMA Chess Tournament 1st Runnerup
2013 Pokemon Battleroads Autumn Champion
2014 GMA Chess Tournament Champion
2015 Pokemon City Championships Champion
2015 Futurecard Buddyfight Springfest Champion
2015 Futurecard Buddyfight Autumn Champion
2015 Futurecard Buddyfight Asean Continental 3rd Runner-up
2017 Dragoborne Philippine Nationals Champion