Marcelito Pomoy: Another ‘MP’ in the Making

Seems to be another Manny Pacquiao is giving my beloved country, Philippines, great honor and pride to show to entire world.

And that person got the same initials as Pacquiao, MP. It is like in anime called One Piece “The Will of the D”, here in the Philippines it’s “The Will of the MP”. I know only One Piece fans can relate.

After his incredible-super brilliant-beyond Golden buzzer performance on America’s Got Talent (AGT) Battle of Champions 2020, Marcelito Pomoy (MP), a native Filipino of course comes from the Philippines, thundershocks the entire world. His video performance becomes an easy trending in Youtube and there are so many react-videos have been made just to show support for my fellow countrymen.

Lets check out the different reaction of AGT judges and audience during Marcelito Pomoy’s performance.

That is his voice?

AGT Judge regular Howie Mandel asked this question as soon as MP started his performance using a female voice.

That is his voice?

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