Festive Update and Exclusive Rewards: Celebrate Christmas in Mafia City | Elite Mafian Club | December

Respected Boss,

As winter blankets the landscape in a pristine layer of snow, vibrant lights illuminate the night, and the festive jingle of reindeer bells sets the Christmas ambiance. In Mafia City, December brings not only the joy of delectable cuisine and fine wine but also the presence of a Posh Aficionado to join in the Christmas revelry with you!

Allow us to provide a succinct overview of the recent updates in Mafia City. Take a sneak peek into the holiday merriment!

To add to the festive cheer, we’ve included an exclusive Redeem Code for your enjoyment. Be sure to make use of it!

Silent Night Merriment, A Cozy Christmas

Silent Night Merriment, A Cozy Christmas

Engage in tasks, gather Christmas Ingredients, and partake in the Jolly Jingle Gala to immerse yourself in the joyous Christmas celebrations!

Posh Aficionado, The Trendsetter

Posh Aficionado, The Trendsetter

Introducing Emily, the all-new Posh Aficionado! Discover the Christmas ensemble she has crafted exclusively for you. Don’t miss out—check it out now!

Edge of Eighty-Six, Fight Them Off

Edge of Eighty-Six, Fight Them Off

Witness a new conflict erupting in the declining city of Meerica over bootleg booze. Will you emerge victorious and profit, or will the Scarlatti Family prevail? Explore the latest Season Conquest—Edge of Eighty-Six, now available in Mafia City.

*Cities yet to commence Season content or those that have chosen a different Season Theme, stay tuned for updates.

Exclusive Rewards You Can’t Afford To Miss Out On

To top it off, we present an exclusive Redeem Code: qehuazr7nc (valid for one person only). Hurry, as it will remain available until 12/28/2023 23:59:59 (City Time)!

*To Redeem: Enter the game, tap on the Avatar-Settings-Redeem Code, and input the code to claim your fantastic rewards.

Wishing you a joyous and prosperous holiday season!

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