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There is an updated version 1.21a. Click here to visit the page.

In the latest format updates, Western has undergone changes, specifically the removal of the restriction list. Additionally, Western has been updated to include Promo cards up to P056. Among the new features introduced, when a match enters the ‘Game Over’ state, the hand and life cards of both players will now be revealed. Furthermore, players can now return to the Main Menu when offering a rematch, even if the opponent disconnects. As for bug fixes, various issues have been addressed and resolved:

  • Luffy, identified as ST08-001, has received a buff on Ally KOs.
  • The Blurple Kaido Leader (OP01-061) no longer sometimes prevents the opponent’s ‘automatic’ OnKO effects.
  • Birdcage (OP05-040) should no longer cause the game to break if valid targets change while it is queued.
  • The card 200,000,000 Volt (OP05-115) can no longer use its effect if the player only has 1 card in hand.
  • Dosun (OP06-030) is now only combat immune, not totally immune.
  • Hody (OP06-035) will no longer take an additional life when choosing only 1 target.
  • Ama no Murakumo (OP06-056) should now properly resolve if ‘Choose No Targets’ is selected.
  • Gravity Blade Raging Tiger (OP06-058) now sends both targets to the deck bottom.
  • White Snake (OP06-059) now buffs for the entire turn.
  • Zephyr (OP06-074) now correctly nullifies all OnKOs.
  • Moria Leader (OP06-080) no longer skips the opponent’s “When Opponent Attacks” action if his attacking action deploys a character with an On Play that forces the opponent to make a choice.
  • Absalom (OP06-081) can now KO allies.
  • Moria playing characters from the trash with KO effects (OP06-086) will no longer break the game if those KO effects KO something with an OnKO.
  • Hakuba (OP05-087) will no longer break the game if sacrificing an ally who can prevent their KO.
  • Shadow’s Asgard (OP06-095) no longer randomly breaks the game and no longer allows canceling after at least one victim has been sacrificed.
  • Negative Hollow (OP06-097) now has an action description and trashes randomly.
  • “You’re the One Who Should Disappear” (OP06-115) is now a Sky Island Card.
  • Double Attack Trigger effects that KO characters will no longer break the game.
  • Noah’s Ark deployed during the first hit of a Double Attack will now rest the correct targets.
  • Card actions that activate simultaneously with another card action preventing their demise will no longer be clickable until any pending ‘Save’ action is clicked first.
  • OP06-108 will now be trashed after using its Trigger.

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