Mafia City] August 2023 Exclusive Member Benefits

Respected Boss,

Even as the summer heat continues, the scorching August Benefits of Mafia City are ready to set the gaming world on fire! Brace yourself for the much-awaited Cross-Over Event, featuring none other than Lady Platinum. It’s time to join the feast like never before!

We’ve meticulously prepared an overview of the upcoming [Mafia City] events to keep you in the loop. Stay ahead with the latest details!

And now, a treat just for you. At the conclusion of this message, an exclusive Redeem Code awaits your attention. Make sure not to miss out on its perks!

Mafia City Exclusive August Rewards

▷ Ignite the Thrill with the Mafia City X Peaky Blinders Cross-Over!

The realm of the Underworld thrives on chaos and unpredictability. But can a force emerge to bring order? That man donning the gray suit and flat cap holds the key to Mafia City’s destiny.

Embark on the Cross-Over Mania event by tapping the link below. Secure your spot by logging into the website and binding your game account. And the excitement doesn’t stop there – share the event link across your social media platforms to unlock a unique Peaky Blinders Gift.

Discover the captivating characters of this Cross-Over in advance at the event interface. Stay tuned for insights into upcoming in-game events and thrilling social media engagements. Get ready to witness the collision of two powerful underworlds!

▷ Radiant Pearls, Gleaming Gold

Adorned in a gown reminiscent of gleaming pearls and with golden locks that dazzle, she radiates elegance. Introducing the brand-new Babe Outfit, [Lady Platinum Marie], arriving with the engaging “Marie’s Jewelry Challenge” event! Use [Jewelry Keys] to light up squares in the Jewelry Box and uncover corresponding rewards. The opportunity to obtain fragments for this stunning outfit also awaits. Accompany Marie in choosing her jewelry for the evening banquet. Let her shine as the star of the show!

▷ Exclusive Rewards Awaiting

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for. We proudly present the exclusive Redeem Code “x7nfjqy2ko” (valid for one person only). Act now to redeem it in the game and relish the August benefits!

Remember, this code remains valid for two weeks and will expire on 8/28/2023 at 23:59:59 (City Time). Ensure you don’t miss out on this opportunity!

*To Redeem: Access the game, tap on your Avatar, navigate to Settings, locate the “Redeem Code” section, and input the code to unlock the remarkable rewards that await.

The summer’s sizzle continues with these scintillating updates. Embrace the Cross-Over, sparkle with elegance, and seize the rewards that await. Your journey through Mafia City just got hotter!

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