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This version is already outdated. Please go to this link to download the OPTCG Sim latest version.

Introducing 1.17b Update: Enhanced Gameplay, New Cards, and More!

We’re thrilled to bring you the highly anticipated 1.17b update, complete with a host of Quality of Life improvements, numerous bug fixes, and an exciting collection of 56 upcoming OP05 cards! Dive into the action by exploring the new features and enhancements.

OPTCG 1.17b

Discover New Features:

  • An intuitive enhancement awaits you in the combat log. Hover over card codes to instantly view their corresponding card images, adding a visual dimension to the gameplay.
  • The combat log now seamlessly snaps to the bottom after each new message, providing a smoother tracking experience during battles.
  • Organizing your hand has never been easier. Simply click and drag cards to effortlessly re-arrange them according to your strategic preferences.
  • When viewing card sets like your deck or trash, a user-friendly interface appears if there are more than 10 cards, allowing you to easily page through your options.
  • An enhanced UI setup is introduced for returning cards to the top or bottom of your deck, streamlining your decision-making process.

Deck Editor Enhancements:

  • The Deck Editor now boasts a new default setting: ‘Limit to 4’. This feature can be toggled on or off, granting you more flexibility in crafting your deck.
  • Navigating your collection is now simpler than ever. Utilize the search field to look for cards by power (e.g., “P7000”) or counter (e.g., “C2000”).

Unveil New Cards:

  • Brace yourself for a dynamic influx of 56 OP05 Cards, each poised to reshape your strategic approach.
  • Explore a collection of exciting Promo Cards that promise fresh dimensions to your gameplay.

Bug Fixes – General:

  • Effects that Trash after Drawing no longer cause multiple draws when players have a low number of hand cards (e.g., Kaya, Shirahoshi, Minorhinocerous, etc).
  • Air Door/Blueno deploying CP9 cards no longer disrupt their On-Play effects, resolving the issue related to recently trashed cards.
  • Resolving the uncertainty, triggering Marco’s demise with a Trigger card has been addressed.

Bug Fixes – Card Specific:

  • OP02-094 Isuka’s re-standing ability is now functioning as intended.
  • OP04-034 Lao G’s KO no longer ignores opponent’s OnKO effects, rectifying the interaction.
  • OP04-079 Orlumbus is no longer able to KO your immune characters, resolving the unintended action.
  • OP04-084 Stussy’s power to summon Event cards to the field has been corrected.
  • OP05-001 Leader Sabo’s self-trashing and ability interaction has been refined, preventing any “effect” KO.
  • OP05-032 Pica’s restraint on resting characters named Pica has been rectified, avoiding unintentional KO.
  • ST08-013 Bon Clay’s counter and KO interactions have been corrected, ensuring accurate gameplay.
  • ST05-010 Zephyr’s ‘When this battles’ effect now triggers at the appropriate combat steps once more.
  • A multitude of other card-specific issues have been resolved, restoring smooth gameplay and interactions.

Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure with the 1.17b update. Experience heightened gameplay, delve into a treasure trove of new cards, and indulge in a more polished gaming experience.

Download Links:

Windows – 1.17b
Linux – 1.17b
Mac – 1.17b
IOS – 1.17b
Android – 1.17b
Android 32 – 1.17b

These installers for all platforms were provided by Batsu Games, and we would like to credit them for their contribution.

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Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/BatsuApps/
Paypal – batsu.apps@gmail.com

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