OPTCGSim Version 1.18b is now available | OPTCG | One Piece Card Game

Introducing comprehensive bug fixes and card-specific adjustments in the latest update, OPTCG 1.18b.

General Fixes:

  • Search effects like Whitebeard Pirates and When You’re At Sea will no longer disrupt the game when triggered from Life.
  • Characters with the ability to Set to Active at the End of the Turn will now activate before the Bird Cage stage trigger.
Monkey D. Luffy Gear 5

Card-Specific Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue with OP01-114 X. Drake causing the game to enter an unstable state.
  • Corrected the functionality of OP03-036 Out-of-the-Bag, allowing its use once again.
  • Fixed a temporary UI bug related to OP03-080 Kaku after returning 2 cards from the trash to the deck.
  • Ensured that OP03-080 Kaku’s On-Play effect triggers correctly if the Air Door used for summoning is among the only 2 CP cards in the trash at event activation.
  • Addressed the ability of OP03-083 Corgy to correctly trash cards with the implemented UI changes.
  • Rectified the behavior of OP03-123 Katakuri, which will now properly place cards in the life face-up.
  • OP04-069 Bon Clay’s power change no longer persists after removal from the board.
  • OP04-108 Charlotte Moscato now consistently requires 1 Don instead of erroneously having Banish as a passive effect.
  • Adjusted the impact of OP05-001 Sabo Leader, preventing the blocking of entire ‘Multi-KO’ effects.
  • OP05-032 Pica’s effect can no longer tap cost 1 and 2 characters.
  • Corrected the interaction of OP05-040 Bird Cage, preventing game breaks when it eliminates characters with On-KO or Pre-KO effects.
  • OP05-043 Ulti’s action no longer reveals the drawn card.
  • Resolved OP05-074 Kid’s effect causing game breaks when triggered by On-Play effects that switch to the opponent’s reaction.
  • OP05-075 Mr. 1’s effect is no longer exploitable for multiple Don returns when no character is played.
  • OP05-088 Mansherry’s effect is now stable and no longer disrupts the game.
  • OP05-091 Rebecca’s behavior has been corrected; she can no longer draw Events and now plays characters in the Rested state.
  • OP05-093 Lucci’s selection now correctly extends to a 2nd KO target.
  • OP05-098 Enel Leader’s ability will now activate when the opponent’s abilities bounce his last life to hand.
  • Resolved the card drawing mechanics of OP05-118 Kaido, ensuring they function correctly.
  • Rectified a game-breaking issue with OP05-119 Luffy’s effect.
  • Ensured P-042 Zoro is properly trashed after his trigger effect is executed.

Download Links:

Windows – 1.18b
Linux – 1.18b
Mac – 1.18b
IOS – 1.18b
Android – 1.18b
Android 32 – 1.18b

These installers for all platforms were provided by Batsu Games, and we would like to credit them for their contribution.

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