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For this day article, I want to discuss my Kin’emon Green Deck decklist.

With the launched of OP02 Paramount War, another deck build was added to Green Color’s arsenal. Kin’emon Green Deck, or Wano Deck which the other players call it, is a very unique deck because of leader card’s ability, Kin’emon. Having a normal five-thousand (5000) base power, it’s ability is to lessen one (1) cost to a three (3) cost or more character when summoned, given that the condition that the owner must have one (1) or less characters on board. This is very useful in early part of the game where the owner can maximize summoning two (2) Okiku on his or her second turn. Of course, there is a downside of having this leader. The ability will not be present on late part of the game, or what we called the end game. Usually when in the end game, there are lot of characters on board, so the ability of Kin’emon leader will not be useful.

Kin’emon Green Deck (Wano Deck)

Nothing much to say about my deck build. I decided to go for ten (10) pieces of blockers, which are Kid, Toki, and Bege. I also went for Cat Viper, Izou and Yamato for board control and annoyance. Additional two-thousand (2000) counter for Apoo, Carrot and Film Chopper. Paradise Waterfall event is my only event card which can be a surprised especially in mirror matches where the opponent is resting my blockers. Raizo character is an additional cost 3 character that can be summoned at the early stage of the game, plus it is a viable draw power. Momonosuke is a staple in Wano decks. And of course, the boss card, Oden, my ultimate finisher at the later part of the game.

Watch the video below on how to win with this deck build versus the scary ZORRO:

Kin’emon vs. Zorro (An Epic Battle)

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