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For this day article, I want to discuss my Whitebeard Red Deck decklist.

With the launched of OP02 Paramount War, another deck build was added to Red Color’s arsenal. Whitebeard Pirates Deck, or WBP which the other players call it, is a very powerful deck because of leader card’s power, Edward Newgate. Six-thousand (6000) base power is a no joke for opposing player because they need to attach one (1) don, if there leader is not Edward Newgate, to be able to do damage. Of course, there is a downside of having this leader. Using this deck build will make you like a ticking bomb even if your opponent does not attack you, because of the leader card’s effect. And most importantly, 100% of your games will be a nail-biting, nervous breakdown epic comeback game. If you want that kind of thrill, then this deck is for you.

Whitebeard Pirates Red Deck (WBP)

Nothing much to say about my deck build. I decided to go for ten (10) blockers, which are Chopper, Blenheim, and Marco (two of them are enough). I also went for event Sea Quake and Vista for control. Of course Otama staple for two-thousand (2000) counter plus Vista and Sea Quake combo, then there is Ace SR as a big Otama with Rush effect (if your leader is Edward Newgate). Additional two-thousand (2000) counter for Jozu and with an element of surprise rush especially when Moby Dick stage is around. Radical Beam event must be staple, and it is a late game stronghold defense combo with Edward Newgate SR. You can change Rakuyo card according to your playstyle, I only think here that Rakuyo could be an X-factor for some games, and a one-thousand (1000) counter can be useful to disturb the Mathematics of the opposing player. Moby Dick is self explanatory, three is enough. Whitey Bay is for board presence and opposing blockers control.

Watch the video below on how to win with this deck build:

Whitebeard Pirates Red Deck vs. Crocodile Blue Purple Deck

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