Batsu Games Releases OPTCG Sim 1.14b | One Piece Card Game

Important: There is already version 1.14d. Click here to go to download page.

One Piece Trading Card Game (OPTCG) Sim Application 1.14b is now available. This version contains massive updates of cards and bug fixes from the previous one. Thanks to Batsu Games for their relentless effort in providing this one of a kind simulator for OPTCG players.

Charlotte Linlin ST07 Leader

Notable Updates 1.14b

  • ST07 Big Mom Pirates Yellow Deck Complete
  • P-035
  • P-036
Monkey D. Luffy P-036

Bug fixes from previous version

• Doflamingo Leader ability can now be canceled
• Doflamingo Leader ability will no longer freeze if used with a full board
• Blurple Kaido Leader ability will correctly trigger from combat KOs
• Law Leader ability will no longer spend Don during both the pick up and deploy actions
• Ivankov Leader ability will no longer break Mr 3’s End of Turn effect if both trigger simultaneously
• Basil Hawkins’ self-activate will no longer attempt to trigger for both players at the same time • 8-Cost Kid can now use its tap ability without a hand target
• All ‘When Attacking’ abilities will once again allow the opponent to choose a Blocker
• Card effects that allow you to search your deck should now properly shuffle the deck afterwards

Known Issues

• Quick join has been temporarily removed
• Observer mode is available in the menu but not currently expected to work properly
• Abilities that allow you to attach ‘Up to 2’ Rested Don always attach 2 if possible

What’s next?

OP03 cards inclusion!

Monkey D. Luffy P-035

The new version is available in Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. Applications are compressed in ZIP files so make sure you have the software WinZip or WinRar installed in your computer. If you have any comments, suggestions, bugs encountered etc. please follow my FB page and subscribe to my Youtube channel to get more updates, video gameplays of OPTCG sim, and message me so that I can answer your concerns right away. For Linux and Mac users, be aware that the alternate card versions for your system is not available. Check out the links below to download.

Important: There is already version 1.14c. Click here to go to download page.

Windows – OPTCG SIM 1.14b
Linux- OPTCG SIM 1.14b
Mac – OPTCG SIM 1.14b
Android – OPTCG SIM 1.14b (Uninstall or delete the previous version, make sure of it!)

To show gratitude for Batsu’s amazing team, I list down the links where you can give back, show support or if you have a small amount to spare. Check out the links below.

Patreon –
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