OPTCG Sim 1.23a | One Piece | Major Enhancements, Bug Fixes, and New Cards


  • Public Lobby UI: The user interface for public lobbies has been updated.
  • Leader Display: You can now choose to show your Leader when hosting a public lobby.


  • Simultaneous Actions: “On Attack” and “When Opponent Attacks” actions now queue up simultaneously.
  • Trash Search Actions: Actions that searched the trash and performed a second step now close the trash properly.
  • Black Maria Effect: The forced Don return effect of Black Maria no longer lingers if no Don is returned in the first turn.
  • ‘Save from KO’ Effects: Rosinante and similar effects have been rewritten for better functionality.
  • Event Filters: “When Opponent Plays an Event” effects, such as Gion, now properly filter by “Your Turn.”
  • OnKO Effects: KOing an attacker with an OnKO effect (e.g., Ryuma) no longer breaks the game.
  • OP01 Chopper: Chopper with zero valid trash targets no longer breaks the game.
  • Garp Leader Effect: Garp’s Leader effect now queues simultaneously, allowing cost reductions before other effects trigger.
  • Zephyr’s Field Effects: Zephyr now respects field effects like Sabo’s KO immunity.
  • The World’s Continuation: Using this on a defender ends combat after countering, though the UI may still appear strange until combat fully ends.
  • EB01 Scarlet: Scarlet can no longer deploy more Scarlets.
  • OP03-013 Marco: Marco is now correctly classified as a Special type.
  • Stage Self-Deploys: Stages deploying from Trigger no longer ask to remove a character from a full board.
  • OP08 Ace: Ace can no longer deploy non-character cards.
  • Champion Rifle: This now ends combat if the attacker is bounced (affects Zoro only).
  • Power Buffs: Power buffs until the end of the opponent’s turn now properly expire.
  • Pre-Trash Effects: Cards from OP07+ now correctly handle pre-trash effects like Basil Hawkins.
  • Moby Dick Stage: This stage now functions correctly.
  • OP08 Kureha: Kureha now only searches four cards.
  • P-025 Smoker: Smoker can now be defeated by Kid+Killer.

V3 Card Updates:

The following cards now use V3 action code, allowing for more player control over effect processing:

  • OP04-085 Suleiman
  • OP04-001 Vivi
  • EB01-039 Ragnarok
  • OP03-102 Sanji
  • ST06-006 Tashigi
  • OP05-081 One-Legged Soldier

New Cards Added:

  • New Additions: P-067 Kid, P-070 Carrot
  • OP08 Set Completion: Remaining OP08 cards have been added.

Download links:

Patcher 1.22d – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NcQ9qqF6X5WXWI7oNpCPmNHKWdhJpdmu/view?usp=sharing
Android – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NSH9nSDfRMsCnTe0yQR2Nwm6jqrmLGv_/view?usp=sharing
Android 32 – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HBxXFXCSMnE9oKnpGkZv6pKL4hQyeXMQ/view?usp=sharing
Linux – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PWRlHb2-3ayKIgtynN-Nw6GRl43aj_v4/view?usp=sharing
Mac – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JWjP6km5doMZBfgKZAPUQht198JFzrs7/view?usp=sharing
IOS – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m0dQ2rKZw89FgTp7-fcyDMfLJX7miSaq/view?usp=sharing

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