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The full OP05 card set has arrived! This update includes about 60 new cards and several bug fixes. Notably, the Western meta has been updated to OP04 (with Whitebeard Restrictions and no ST10), while the Eastern meta has been updated to OP05!


  • Eastern and Western game formats have been updated.
  • Hovering over Hand and Life will display a count.
  • The trash view now shows the most recently discarded card first.
  • When selecting an action from a list of simultaneous triggered actions, the relevant card on the board is highlighted.
OPTCG 1.19a available for download

Bug Fixes (General):

  • Effects that force you to discard a card will no longer lock the game if your opponent has no cards in their hand.
  • KO preventing abilities like Sabo Leader and 2c Rosinante will now correctly protect all valid targets.

Bug Fixes (Card Specific):

  • ST05-010 Z Character’s buffs were not activating for both players in online matches.
  • ST08-013 Bon Clay can no longer use his effect on Leaders.
  • OP01-116 Artificial Devil Fruit Smile will no longer cause game-breaking bugs.
  • OP02-085 Magellan will no longer break the game when killed during End of Turn processing (Bird Cage).
  • OP03-013 Marco resurrecting after being killed by a trigger effect will no longer switch turns in Solo V Self.
  • OP03-090 Blueno will now allow you to play a character from the trash if it is KO’d simultaneously with Blueno, and the opponent clicked on Blueno first.
  • OP04-018 Captivating Dizziness Dance will no longer use twice as much Don when canceled early.
  • OP04-024 Sugar will no longer cause strange desync bugs when her effect triggers after an opponent has forced you to do an action (Life or Death, discard cards, etc.).
  • OP04-024 Sugar will no longer cause strange desync bugs when multiple Sugars are in play, and an opponent has an On-Play effect.
  • OP04-034 Lao G will no longer freeze games if he kills an opponent with an automatic OnKO effect.
  • OP04-079 Orlumbus can now choose immune targets to KO as the required step.
  • OP04-116 Diable Jambe Joue Shoot will no longer break the game if used to defend a character when the low life threshold is not reached.
  • OP05-001 Sabo will no longer freeze the game if he triggers an OnBlock ability on a character that is then KO’d by the new 10-cost Luffy who KOs characters OnBlock, triggering Sabo’s ability on top.
  • OP05-001 Sabo will no longer discard himself if an opponent KOs multiple characters at once, and he cancels the save target.
  • OP05-016 Morley’s trigger ability should now properly deploy her.
  • OP05-032 Pica’s ability should now be able to tap before multi-kill KOs resolve.
  • OP05-074 Kid will no longer gain Don when the opponent’s Don is returned.
  • OP05-091 Rebecca will no longer draw event cards from the trash.
  • OP05-091 Rebecca’s deployed characters will now show as Rested to the opponent.
  • OP05-091 Rebecca will no longer lead to a bugged state if her board is full when deploying a card and two cards in hand are clicked.
  • OP05-098 Enel Leader’s ability should now properly trigger after both hits of a Double Attack instead of in the middle.
  • OP05-119 Luffy will now restore card power properly for the opponent in multiplayer when taking a second turn.

Download Links:

Android 32

These installers for all platforms were provided by Batsu Games, and we would like to credit them for their contribution.

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