This Happened To Me Exactly Ten (10) Years Ago

It happened this morning less than hour ago.

Alrytie so there we go, it’s kamuning flyover na I was going to take the exit of the bus and my co-passengers were also taking it, shempre ‘gitgitan’ more fun in the Philippines even taking off the bus, and then I was already near the exit there was this ordinary guy blocking my path, I dunno why I just ignored him and dragged my feet to a narrow path to exit, and he’s continually blocking me. Other than him, there was also this guy at my right side who kept leaning on me, so parang I have a hint na kung anu ang modus operandi ng mga mokong na toh, and I was right meron pa silang kasama sa left side ko, and his hand was already INSIDE my pocket, (my pocket contained an ipod music player 6th gen, and even if it is not in trend nowadays, this ipod means so much to me). Edi I was surprised nung makita ko yung kamay nya, what I did was I BITCH SLAPPED his hand to get rid of it, and the guy who was blocking me I pushed him outside the bus, at last nakababa na ako still with my gadget, pero hindi pa rito nagtatapos, remember the guy that I pushed, shempre galit yun tinulak ko eh, he said something to me but again I just ignored him because earphones were still stuck to my ears so I didnt understand a thing on what he was saying, I continued to walk like everything’s normal, para sakin palalagpasin ko na toh coz I still have my gadget, wala naman nawala sakin. But again, hanep sa kakapalan ng mukha, ‘sing kapal ng tsinelas na islander, they were still following me, siguro badtrip sila sakin lalu na yung na-bitch slapped yung kamay, atmosphere was different, I smelled a letter V for vendetta, I was in EDSA walking then those three stooges got me surrounded, shempre scared at first tatlo sila eh I told to myself mukang first time kong papasok ng office na may black eye with my shirt torn up ah, and this guy that i pushed a while ago was looking at me while walking parang ready to fight na, I know God is on my side and yun nga sakto may nakita akong pulis, hehe, nung makita ko yung pulis, huminto ako, i took off my jacket, getting ready for “come on let’s get it on, let’s engage to a fight”, sometimes kasi I wanna kick some bad asses. Tamang-tama I have my knife inside my bag (knife is being used for opening my corned tuna), I know nakita rin nila yung pulis so they decided to move a step backward, after that the timing was so perfect I have this fellow officemate naglalakad din sa EDSA, ayun I greeted my officemate and continued to walk with him. Babayu bad guys.

Marami tlgang gutom ang sikmura ngayon, kaya kapit sa patalim talaga, but I’m not the kind of person who will tolerate bad stuffs, I’m sure badtrip ang mga yun and right now they are aiming for another prey. I’m sharing this experience for us to be aware and to learn from it, para hindi na tayu maging biktima, kasi hanggat may nabibiktima yung mga ISLANDER face na yan, they wont stop doing it.

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