Musings of a Jin Stan

Kim Seokjin is not your typical man.

Like the other BTS members, he possesses a certain allure that is distinctly Seokjin.

To the average admirer, Jin is always dubbed as Worldwide Handsome for the most obvious reasons… his ageless features, full red lips, his forehead, his wholesome smile and that mysterious expression of his eyes. Also, Jin’s contagious wind shield wiper laugh can even make an aloof person smile. That’s how he gets you.

For OT7 Armys, his journey of becoming a beloved BTS members has been amazing and extraordinary. It’s a common knowledge that Jin was a university student when he was scouted to train for Big Hit Entertainment even with zero background in singing and dancing. Yes, I’ve seen most of the BTS dance practice videos. Although not a dancer, I can imagine how challenging it must have been for him to recall complicated BTS dance routines and sing in tune and in harmony with the beat as well… to feel and allow the message of each song to flow through his movements and in sync with the other six BTS members. It must be tough for Jin to perform on stage in front of cameras under critical eyes of fans, haters and casual observers. Every action is crucial because of a slight mistake can be magnified through the lenses. Just these thoughts give me shivers. One can easily entertain fear of being criticized and belittled in a generation and industry so quick on judgment. A simple baseless hate message or intense criticism can cripple one’s performance, confidence and self-esteem. But Jin got through consistently and courageously.

What is touching about him is his candid acceptance of his dance limitations. He may have complained of the rigorous training but he didn’t falter, or quit. When he fell, he simply brushes himself off, stands up and moves on.

What is commendable too, is his ability to translate his honesty through his sings. The melody of “Awake” and “Epiphany” pull heartstrings but the songs’ lyrics, once translated to English and the underlying messages digested and realized, can bring one further to tears. Jin’s “Abyss” is a silent call and consolation to one’s depressed self. Surprisingly, his newest song, “Super Tuna”, expresses his love for fishing, quite the opposite from his sad mellow songs.

This consistent duality and switch from serious to funny are often observed of Jin’s personality. More often though, he prefers to show his jolly side for the Armys benefit. After all, he wants BTS Army to be happy. His funny antics, dad jokes and laughter always kept Armys entertained.

As a Jin stan, I never get tired watching him interact with his BTS brothers. I learn from their dynamic exchanges of thoughts, feelings, jokes, subtle sarcasm, deep musings, and heartfelt (sometime cringe-y, uncomfortable) expressions to each other. Jin’s friendship with Namjoon, Yoongi, Hoseok, Taehyung, Jimin and Jungkook reminds me so much of my old friends… happy, sincere, fun, calm, sometimes chaotic, enjoyable, and true.

Kim Seokjin is really not your ordinary kind of guy.

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