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There is an updated version 1.20b. Click here to visit the page.

Welcome to version 1.20a! There are 20 new cards in this release, thanks to a new developer on Batsus’s team. Many people have tested early builds, making this one of our cleanest releases. Check out the patch notes for all the details!

One Piece TCG Sim 1.20a

Format Updates:

  • Western is now OP05, and Eastern is now OP06.

New Cards:

  • All OP06 cards are now included.
  • Added P-048, P-051, P-055, and P-057 through P-065.

Bug Fixes (General):

  • Effects requiring a specific Name on your field now work with Rainbow Luffy.
  • Don Minus effects now need the full return of Don instead of canceling partway.
  • Trashing a triggered card before the trigger goes off will cancel the effect (e.g., Enel leader ability).

Bug Fixes (Card Specific):

  • Kanjuro (OP01-038) is no longer a Fishman.
  • Crocodile Leader (OP01-062) now draws a card when events are partially resolved.
  • Magellan OnKO (OP02-085) properly triggers ‘when Don is returned’ effects.
  • Ace Leader (OP03-001) requires trashing events/stages for power before moving to the Counter phase.
  • Doffy Leader (OP04-019) activates Don before other end-of-turn effects.
  • Cavendish’s mill effect (OP04-081) is now mandatory.
  • Various fixes for Sabo Leader (OP05-001), Rosinante blocker (OP05-030), and Pica (OP05-032).
  • “It’s a Waste of Human Life” (OP05-058) works with 5 or fewer cards in hand and a target on the field.
  • Shirahoshi (OP05-082) should no longer break the game.
  • Dragon Claw (OP05-095) no longer breaks the game with Trash count between 4 and 14.
  • Enel’s effect (OP05-100) is correctly Once Per Turn when bouncing to Life.
  • Law Leader (ST10) can no longer deploy up to 6 characters.
  • Wire effect (ST10-014) now activates on the opponent’s turn.
  • Various fixes for Uta (ST11-001), Mihawk (ST12-003), Zeff (ST12-013), Kaido leader, Mother Carmel, and Sham and Butchie.

To download:

Windows – click here
Android APK – click here
Android 32 APK – click here
Linux – click here
IOS – click here

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