Whitebeard Pirates Red Deck Tops Philippine Flagship Warmup Event| One Piece Card Game First Place Report

Whitebeard Pirates (WBP) Red Deck toppled all the opponents on a five-round Swiss format of One Piece Card Game Philippine Flagship Warmup Event held at Aqua Card Games SM East Ortigas on 28th of January, 2023.

Thirty-two (32) players were registered at the said event.

Here’s the battle report:

Round 1 vs. Kid Green
Round 2 vs. Law RG
Round 3 vs. Zorro Pizoro
Round 4 vs. Smoker Black
Round 5 vs. Kaido Purple

Sweet trophy

For those who are curious of my deck, below I present to you my winning list.

Whitebeard Pirates Flagship Warmup Champion Decklist

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Extra Prize for the Champion

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