GAD Topic: Multiple Burden in Life

Around last year, 2019, our agency asked us employees, grouped by service groups, to create a short essay regarding a certain issue in life which is connected with Gender and Development (GAD). Our service group tackled an issue regarding multiple burden in life. The essay should answer three (3) questions, these are: a) what are your multiple burden in life; b) what is the relation of that burden with GAD; and c) your suggested solution to your burden. Written below is my sample essay which I think can help my readers if ever they were assigned the same task as mine. Hope this helps.

“Multiple Burden in Life

Around 60kms is the distance of my residence to my work place. If you make it back and forth, the total is 120kms. This is the only thing that pains me. I got a house, my own house, but it is sitting in Cavite. I need to get up every 03:45 in the morning, so that I could get out of the house by 04:45 AM. Beyond that time, especially on Mondays, will result to tardiness. I know it and I already proved it. The effects of this burden to me are the following: lack of sleep, stress, and difficulty on maintaining my focus.

From this day, it is already two years and counting since my father retired from his work. My mother, ever since the day I was born, is a plain housewife. Right now they are enjoying their life as a senior citizen, living with me in Cavite. Surfing the internet, watching Netflix series together are their notable hobbies, aside from doing household chores. My father has pension which he got from his retirement. But of course, I think the pension is not enough to sustain their daily needs if they will stand alone and be separated from me. So, no choice, they need to be dependent to me so that they will not shoulder bills in utilities and mortgage. I am not saying that their dependence is a major burden in my life “for now”. As long as I am not “yet” married, I can fully support their needs physically, financially and emotionally. My only worry here is when the day comes that I need to build my own family. Maybe that is the time that I feel burdened of their dependence.

Is there any gender related issue or issues in your multiple burden in life?  None that I can think of.


– SET’s shuttle service after work helps a lot because going to MRT station is easier. Unlike before, I need to walk 1km to ride a UV express then of course the travel time is slower compared to shuttle service.  

– Four day work week can also help to lessen the stress of everyone.

– Most importantly, love your work, next to God and your family. Always think that you work is an essential part of you to fully serve God and provide needs to your family. – Regarding my parents situation, the solution there is to “Plan” ahead. As a Filipino, our culture is to give back to our parents even you already have your family, and I think there is nothing wrong with that. The key here is I only need to support their “essential” needs like food, house, medicine maintenance, electric and water bill. Cut down other unnecessary things in life. If they want to avail it, then that is the time I need to tell them that ask my other sibling to support it. “

Gender focus discussion in Quezon City together with my office colleagues

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