ROM: Looking for a New Guild

Good day my fellow Ragnarok Online Mobile (ROM) players. I now decided to leave my current guild and planning to join a different guild that can boost my competitive spirit in playing this game while having fun. I have two concern characters whose needing a new place that we can call home. I am hoping that my next guild will be more fun, more competitive and more helpful of giving guides, tips, advises and strategies in making your character stronger. Without any further ado, these are my characters

In Game Name: ch4pter
Server: SEA Eternal Love
Job: Ranger
Base Level: 130
Job Level: 70
Multi-jobs: Wanderer lvl 52, Shadow Chaser lvl 55 (both not active)

Img. 1: Statistics without buffs
Img. 2: Handbook Attributes
Img. 3: Equipment
Img. 4: Contributions and Gold Medals

In Game Name : v3rse
Server: SEA Eternal Love
Job: Archbishop
Base Level: 124/130
Job Level: 62/70
Role: Full Support of ch4pter

Img. 5: Equipment
Img. 6: Contributions and Gold Medals
Img. 7: Statistics

My first character, ch4pter, is currently farming all monsters in Lighthalzen B1F and can gather around 2M to 2.5M zeny (that includes instantly sold items) with 330 consumed stamina daily. She also has two alternate characters, levels 102 and 105, genetic and rune knight respectively. They are only used for pet adventures.

On the other hand, v3rse, is currently farming Zipper Bear monster in Toy Factory 1f, getting 1M zeny with 330 consumed stamina daily. Both are using lightning chains only. He also has two alternate characters and they are also used for pet adventures.

So, I hope you like my two characters. I am hoping that competitive guilds give me invite, and can carry my characters in ET-run, Oracle-run and Thanatos-run. Also hoping that when I am already moved to a new guild, I will become a better ROM player.

Stay tuned to my website for more updates in my Ragnarok life.

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