Being Min Yoongi

No one misses this man’s deadpan expression and quiet demeanor. During interviews, he is almost motionless like a rock firmly planted on his seat. When asked a question, he would answer straightforwardly, eloquently with subtle sarcasm sometimes with a dry sense of humor. He may appear detached and pensive but in casual conversations, when his mood is high, he speaks with gusto, his face lights up– his sweet gummy smile visible and his voice melodious.

It is hard to imagine that such a seemingly aloof man can rap and spout truths about emotional suffering, fear and depression and can mercilessly shoot BTS haters with his quick wittedness and blunt, ferocious wordplay with his unstoppable tongue technology. (The rap line’s Cypher series had me engaged and I don’t even like rap.)

That’s Min Yoongi.

I don’t want to ask where he draws his inspiration because every person who has experience mental breakdowns, anxieties, panic attack, depression and loneliness knows where the trigger and pain come from. But to draw out such pains and translate them to words, pen them down on paper and speak them out for all sorts people to hear must be excruciating. It’s like exposing yourself to the elements, bare naked.

To a person who has gone through such hardships, rapping and singing along with Min Yoongi would be a relief and a release. His honesty and candidness makes him more relatable and approachable.

Admittedly, Yoongi confessed that he is weak physically. In Run BTS episode 141, he said that when he’s tired onstage, he tends to control his energy and his concentration level has also decreased. He is known to prefer rest and sleep.

Run BTS Episode 141

A few years ago, Yoongi had gone through surgery due to appendicitis. He also suffered work related injuries. In 2020, his absence felt for three months when he had undergone another surgery to repair his left shoulder.

Despite his experiences with emotional and physical pain, he is strong as a tiger. His strength of character is shown by the lyrics he wrote and the songs he produced. If you listen hard enough, you would feel his vulnerability between the lines.

You can’t miss it.

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