Mafia City June 2023 Exclusive, Member Benefits!

June’s conclusion welcomes ocean breezes and the opportunity to bask in the warmth of the summer sun. The much-anticipated Summer Beach Party has commenced, and it is an event you definitely wouldn’t want to overlook!

We have curated exclusive “Mafia City” Beach Party Events for your enjoyment. Take pleasure in the sunny outdoors and give these activities a whirl!

Summer Songs, With Hot Rhythm

Get ready for the highly anticipated Seaside Concert, just moments away from starting! The stage is being prepared, and a beautiful Babe eagerly awaits her turn on stage. We require your assistance in creating some sensational summer beats!

During this event, you can obtain Points by purchasing Gold, which will contribute to the accumulation of Concert Hype. The more Hype you gather, the more the Concert stage will undergo upgrades. Once the stage is fully set, the renowned guest artist, Mariah, will make her grand entrance and deliver a captivating performance!

By unlocking the “Sun-Kissed Goddess-Mariah,” you will not only enhance Shooter Attack by 4% but also boost all Crew Attack by 2%. Immerse yourself in the sunny ambiance alongside the stunning beach babe, Mariah!

Beach Holiday Excitement

It’s time to switch into a vibrant floral shirt, grab your ukulele, and spread the joy of summer!

Introducing the latest Leader Appearance, the “Beach Carnival Leader Appearance,” now available! Unlock this fresh appearance by participating in the Beach Lottery Raffle and gathering fragments of the “Beach Carnival Leader Appearance.” Unlocking it will provide a 3% boost to both Shooter Attack and Defense. Moreover, after spinning enough times, you’ll receive the brand new “Beach Bar” Island Decoration!

Embrace the spirit of the beach by donning your beachwear and kicking off your summer in style!

Shining Blue Seas

Immerse yourself in the enchanting dance of light across the vast expanse of the blue sea and sky. Are you prepared for an extraordinary underwater expedition guided by an expert in all things oceanic?

Introducing the newest addition to our team, the captivating [Sea Princess-Paloma] Babe! As a marine biologist, Paloma is eager to embark on thrilling underwater adventures alongside you. Are you available to join her?

Get ready for Paloma’s Ocean World Operation, a remarkable opportunity that awaits you. Utilize Roses to engage in playful activities with Paloma during this event, and in return, receive additional Favor and incredible Rewards! Step into Paloma’s Ocean World and witness the mesmerizing wonders that lie beneath the waves, all in her delightful company!

We are delighted to present you with an exclusive member Redeem Code: ruq7z53p57 (limited to one code per person). Waste no time and redeem it in-game right away to enjoy the fantastic benefits available this May!

Please note that this Redeem Code will remain valid for a duration of two weeks only. Make sure to mark your calendar with the deadline: 07.06.2023 (City Time) for redeeming the code. As the Boss, it’s crucial not to let this opportunity slip away!

To redeem your code successfully, follow these steps: Open the game, locate and tap on the Leader Avatar, navigate to the Settings section, and finally, select the Redeem Code option. Enter the provided code and unlock your well-deserved Rewards!

Make the most of this exclusive offer, Boss, and enjoy the exciting benefits that await you!

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