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This version is outdated. Go to this link to download the new version.

Great news! The latest version of OPTCGSim, version 1.16c, is now accessible to users, bringing with it a range of exciting enhancements, additional features, and important bug fixes. With this updated release, users can experience improved functionality, enhanced performance, and a more seamless simulation experience. Get ready to explore the new features and enjoy a smoother and more optimized usage of OPTCGSim. Upgrade to version 1.16c today and take advantage of all the exciting enhancements and bug fixes it has to offer!

OPTCG 1.16c

General Bug Fixes:

  • Card effects that previously caused issues when sending a card to the bottom of the deck (such as Mihawk, Ice Oni, Red Roc, Three Thousand, etc.) have been resolved and are now functioning properly.
  • Card effects that necessitate returning Don prior to trashing a card now display the correct helper text, providing users with accurate guidance.

Card-Specific Bug Fixes:

  • Weaklings Can’t Choose the Way They Die (OP04-038) now correctly enables the resting of an opponent before selecting a KO target.
  • Stussy (OP04-084) now deploys to the field as intended, rather than being drawn to the hand.
  • The Colors Trap Counter effect now functions correctly.
  • Heavenly Fire can now return characters with a cost of 3 or below, rather than being limited to only 3 Cost characters.
  • Komachiyo now accurately possesses the ‘Animal’ category.
  • ‘White Out’ now once again properly expires at the end of the turn.
  • Randolph no longer features a Deploy trigger.
  • When using Marco’s Rez and KO effect after a Trigger KO, it should no longer cause a switch in turns for players in multiplayer matches.
  • Kyros should now properly mill a card, even in cases where there are no KO targets on the field.


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