Ragnarok Online Mobile: Getting My First Billion

The world better prepare for when I’m a billionaire.” – Bruno Mars

This quote immediately came to my mind when I hit my very-first-time billion in Ragnarok.

At last, after two years of gruesome hours of grinding and farming, I finally hit my first ever raw, yes as in raw (means the value of my equipment assets are not included), one-billion (1,000,000,000) zeny.

My First Billion in ROM

What does this mean to every player of this game? Well, the player can buy almost every strong equipment or weapon sold in Exchange (the game’s marketplace). Wielding a strong weapon or equipment will make a player a strong one and that will boost the popularity. High popularity you have you easily get friends and you easily accomplish difficult missions in the game. You can also have an option to sell this zeny by converting it into real money. That’s the domino effect of having huge amount of zeny.

So what now, what’s next?

I will update you guys on what will gonna happen on my first billion. Is it going to be sold via RMT (real money trade), or am I gonna buy a strong equipment to boost my character’s progress. Well, stay tuned to my upcoming posts.

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