Kaido Purple Deck Sweeps Red Built Decks 3-0 | Discord Remote Battle | One Piece Card Game | Decklist Profile | OPTCG Sim 1.13b

Kaido vs. The Rest of the Red

Playing One Piece Card Game using the OP02 version of Kaido Purple Deck, I managed to sweep three (3) games against Zorro and Edward Newgate Red Decks.

Remote battle via Discord is still trending nowadays though the world is leaning towards the endemic (end of pandemic). And if you are also a parent already, if you have the option to play your hobby inside the house, you would rather and be with your family at the same time playing. It is a win-win situation.

Video below is my remote battle using Kaido Purple Deck against the swarm of Zorro Red Deck. I also battled against Whitebeard Red Deck afterwards.

Ace vs. Smoker

If you are curious about my deck list, feel free to send private message to my FB page to uncover the rest of the cards on the image below.

OP02 Kaido Purple Decklist

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There is also an application wherein you can play test your One Piece Decks on the fly.

OPTCG Sim application is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android devices. For IOS devices, stay tuned for the announcement. Refer to this link if you want to download the app.

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