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This version is already outdated. Please go to this link to download the OPTCG Sim latest version.

In the latest mode updates, Western Mode has received the valuable additions of ST08 and ST09, alongside three new card restrictions, enhancing the gameplay experience. Meanwhile, Eastern Mode has welcomed ST10, bringing fresh challenges and opportunities to players. With these exciting updates, both modes are set to offer a more dynamic and engaging gaming experience for all enthusiasts. Dive in and explore the latest features now!

Say goodbye to network connection worries with the newly added Help button on the main menu, providing instant assistance for troubleshooting any connection issues. Now, finding and tracking conversations in the chat is easier than ever, as search results will be displayed boldly for quick identification. Additionally, a convenient new log feature will appear when players opt not to select any cards from their search, ensuring that crucial decisions are never overlooked. Embrace these new features and take your gaming adventure to the next level!

Exciting Additions: New ST10 and OP05 Cards Unleashed! Prepare to be amazed as we unveil the latest collection of powerful cards in this update. ST10 has been meticulously crafted and is now fully complete, offering an array of thrilling strategies and tactics. But the excitement doesn’t end there! Introducing the first batch of OP05 cards, each one brimming with unique abilities and potential. Please note that cards revealed on or after July 21st are not yet implemented, but rest assured, they will soon be available to further elevate your gameplay. Embrace these new cards and witness the immense possibilities they bring to the table.

Smooth Sailing Ahead: General Bug Fixes Implemented! We’re thrilled to share that we’ve diligently addressed some pesky bugs to provide you with a seamless gaming experience. Say goodbye to disruptions caused by On-KO effects triggered during a Double Attack; this issue has been successfully resolved, allowing for uninterrupted gameplay (e.g., Thunderbolt > Marco). Moreover, Diable Jambe’s behavior has been rectified, ensuring that ‘On Opponent Attack’ and Block phases are no longer skipped. In addition, actions that involve returning cards to the deck bottom from the trash can are now uncancelable partway through, streamlining your deck management. Get ready to enjoy a smoother and more enjoyable journey in the game with these comprehensive bug fixes.

Card-Specific Glitches Addressed: A More Seamless Gameplay Experience! We are delighted to announce that we have resolved several card-specific bugs, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming journey for all players. The following issues have been successfully fixed:

  • OP01-002 Law Leader’s effect no longer unnecessarily consumes an extra 2 don when no card is deployed.
  • OP02-030 Kozuki Oden no longer disrupts the game when his On-KO effect deploys a character with an On-Play effect.
  • OP03-036 Out-of-the-Bag can no longer utilize rested characters as the cost.
  • OP03-090 Blueno’s On-KO effect no longer causes issues when deploying a character with an On-Play effect.
  • OP03-115 Streusen’s correct type is now Slash.
  • OP04-001 Vivi Leader’s ability has been fixed to work correctly once per turn.
  • OP04-004 Karoo can no longer grant Don to non-Alabasta cards.
  • OP04-044 Kaido now properly follows cost requirements on ally cards.
  • OP04-047 Ice Oni effect is now functional in multiplayer matches.
  • OP04-050 Mr. Hanger’s ability is no longer missing.
  • OP04-058 Crocodile’s effect no longer grants Don when an opponent ability forces Don return.
  • OP04-072 Mr. 5’s effect no longer disrupts the game when hitting an opponent with an On-KO.
  • OP04-075 Nose Fancy Cannon’s Counter effect has been implemented.
  • OP04-084 Stussy’s effect now correctly has a cost limit.
  • OP04-086 Chinjao’s effect now properly triggers.
  • OP04-090 Luffy can now return cards to the Deck Bottom when he is active.
  • OP04-094 Destructive Sword of Thunder now functions with 14 cards in the Trash.
  • OP04-095 Baaaarrier!! now works with 14 cards in the Trash.
  • OP04-101 Deploying Carmel with Arlong’s ability no longer disrupts the game.
  • OP04-105 Charlotte Amande now correctly costs 3.
  • OP04-110 Pound no longer freezes the game if his ability is used on the attacker who killed him.
  • ST10-001 Law Leader’s ability has been adjusted so that he can no longer play events.

With these bug fixes, we aim to provide a more polished and enjoyable gaming experience for all our players. Enjoy the game without any interruptions caused by these card-specific issues. Happy gaming!

Monkey D Luffy

Download OPTCG Sim 1.17a

Windows – 1.17a
Linux – 1.17a
Mac – 1.17a
IOS – 1.17a
Android – 1.17a
Android 32 – 1.17a

These installers for all platforms were provided by Batsu Games, and we would like to credit them for their contribution.

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