OPTCGSim Version 1.19b is now available | OPTCG | One Piece Card Game

Fixed KO effect issues and made improvements to Onigashima/Galley-La!

Bug Fixes (General):

  • Abilities that KO or prevent KOs are working correctly again.
  • Card effects like Onigashima and Galley-La that require resting now function properly.

Bug Fixes (Card Specific):

  • Jean Bart (ST10-009) can now use Incoming Don from abilities like Kid (OP05-074).
  • Ipponmatsu (OP04-042) can no longer buff any character.
  • Stussy (OP04-084) no longer requires an extra click during searching.
  • Miss Doublefinger’s OnPlay ability (OP05-073) now trashes instead of Don Minus.
  • Kid (OP05-074) no longer causes game issues when both players have to return a Don.
  • Punk Rotten (OP05-078) now has its Activate: Main ability.
  • Hakuba (OP05-087) no longer causes game issues.
  • Enel Leader (OP05-098) no longer breaks the game if hit by a double attack with one remaining life having a Trigger.”
OPTCG 1.19b

Download Links:

Android 32

These installers for all platforms were provided by Batsu Games, and we would like to credit them for their contribution.

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