(SOLD!!!) 2017 Buddyfight Retro Deck: Shining Sun Dragon, Bal Dragon For Sale

Price: Php2000.00
Flag: Dragon World
Buddy Monster: Shining Sun Dragon, Bal Dragon (D-CBT/0108EN SECRET)

Deck List

From left to right

1x Dragon World (H-BT03/0129EN SECRET)
1x Shining Sun Dragon, Bal Dragon (D-CBT/0108EN SECRET)
4x Shining Sun Dragon, Bal Dragon (D-CBT/0108EN SECRET)
2x Style of Impact, Bal Dragon (X-BT01A-CP01/0074EN SECRET)
3x Bal Dragon, “Bal Burst Smasher!!” (D-BT01/0002EN RRR)
1x Dragon Force (D-BT03/0001EN RRR)
1x Dragon Force (D-BT03/S001EN SP)

From left to right

2x Flarefang Dragon “SD” (D-BT04/0001EN RRR)
4x Sun Dragon Shield (D-CBT/0111EN SECRET)
2x Sun in the Darkness (D-BT04/0020EN RR)
4x Flarefang Dragon (D-BT01/0010EN RR)
3x Balle Soleil, “Eternal Bal-Blaster!” (X-BT01/0020EN RR)
3x Skyrunner Dragon (D-BT03/0053EN U)

From left to right

4x Blue Dragon Shield (D-BT01/0025EN R)
2x Burning Dragon Jr. (X-BT01A-CP01/0076EN SECRET)
4x Burning Dragon Force (PR/0211EN)
2x Bal Support (D-BT01/0055EN U)
3x Born! Bal Dragon (D-BT01/0088EN C)
3x Burning Rapier Dragon (D-BT03/0023EN R)

3x Awaken! Bal Dragon (D-SS03/0007EN)

Price: Php2000.00
Total: 52 cards (with Buddy Monster and Flag)

If interested, you may reach me via sending me a message to Facebook LJGaming (you may like my page as well) or send me an email to ceo@ljlambino.com.

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