2017 Buddyfight Retro Deck: Hero World, Armored Battle Demon, Zetta For Sale

Price: Php3500.00
Flag: Hero World
Buddy Monster: Mud Demon, Eyetopicon (D-BT04/0108EN C)

Deck List

From left to right

1x Hero World (D-BT04/0119EN SECRET)
1x Mud Demon, Eyetopicon (D-BT04/0108EN C)
3x Mud Demon, Eyetopicon (D-BT04/0108EN C)
2x Demonic Battle Demon, Zetta (D-CBT/0005EN RRR)
4x Armored Battle Demon, Zetta (D-BT04/0116EN SECRET)
3x Flame Demon, Mega Ecliksys (D-CBT/0100EN C)

From left to right

1x Flame Demon, Elytron (D-SS03/0026EN)
1x Water Demon, Hyudraules (D-BT04/0107EN C)
1x Wind Demon, Elytron (D-BT04/0074EN U)
2x Wind Ghost, Aeril (D-CBT/0070EN U)
2x Armor Talisman: VOID HOLE (D-BT04/0018EN RR)
2x Armor Talisman: FINISH ROAD (D-SS03/0035EN)

From left to right

2x Force Element Master, Zetta (D-BT04/0046EN R)
3x Artificial Talisman: THREE GAUGE (D-SS03/0033EN)
4x I’m Finished with You (PR/0196EN)
4x Artificial Talisman: FIND JOKER (D-SS03/0030EN)
2x Water Demon, Kynoeides (D-SS03/0027EN)
3x I’ve Seen Through Your Moves! (D-SS03/0037EN)

From left to right

4x Artificial Talisman: GAUGE & DRAW (D-BT04/0045EN R)
4x Artificial Talisman: TWO DRAW (D-SS03/0034EN)
4x Light Demon, Excephon Pose (D-BT04/0118EN SECRET)

Price: Php3500.00
Total: 52 cards (with Buddy Monster and Flag)

If interested, you may reach me via sending me a message to Facebook LJGaming (you may like my page as well) or send me an email to ceo@ljlambino.com.

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