Batsu Games Releases OPTCG Sim Version 1.13a | One Piece Card Game

This article is outdated. Please click this link for the updated version of OPTCG Sim.

One Piece Trading Card Game (OPTCG) Sim Application 1.13a is now available. As usual, 1.13a is not likely to be backwards compatible with earlier versions because there are added features like determining who is going first by a randomizer etc. Thanks to Batsu Games for their persistent effort in providing this one of a kind simulator for OPTCG players.

-Known Issues-

* 10-cost Kaido (KO all characters) effect may not properly trigger the OnKOs of Marco, Kozuki Oden, Magellan, and Minotaur
* This will be resolved in the next version

Bug Fixes

* Garp leader now correctly allows you to use his effect for each Don attached when multi-attaching Don, instead of stopping after 2
* Garp leader can now reduce the cost of 7 cost cards, instead of 6 and below
* Marco now requires trashing specific cards (type includes Whitebeard Pirates)
* Resolved an issue where both players would attempt to trigger Magellan’s OnKO effect at the same time when he was KO’d, leading to erratic behavior
* Great Eruption will no longer fail to end after choosing a target
* Cards that force your opponent to trash a card should once again work (XDrake, Great Eruption trigger, etc)
* Bartolomew, Smoker, and Fullbody are no longer getting secretly buffed by Borsalino
* Events that drew a card AND needed a target should once again allow you to pick a target (Brachio Bomber, Elephant’s Marchoo, etc)

New Cards

* All OP02 cards are now available for use. There are probably still some bugs hiding in the code for them! Be vigilant!

Wallpaper Playmats

* Players can play alongside the One Piece themed wallpaper as their playmat.

Alternate Art Cards and Don, Card Sleeves

* Players can now use the alternate art version of the cards as well as the Chopper-themed Strawhat Crew limited sleeves.

If you would like to support the project or the costs of hosting the servers (absolutely never required and gives you no special benefits), you can become a patreon at or send money directly through paypal at

OPTCG Sim application is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android devices. For IOS devices, stay tuned for the announcement.

Click the links below to download the application:

Windows Installer – 1.13a
Mac Installer – 1.13a
Linux Installer – 1.13a
Android APK – 1.13a

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