OPTCGSim Version 1.15c is now available | OPTCG | One Piece Card Game

This version is outdated. Go to this link to download the new version.

We’re excited to announce that OPTCGSim Version 1.15c is now available! This latest release includes the complete roster of ST08 and ST09 cards, along with several minor bug fixes to enhance your gameplay experience. With these new additions and improvements, you can expect even more excitement and challenge as you explore the world of One Piece Card Game. So what are you waiting for? Download OPTCGSim Version 1.15c today and start your adventure!


Windows 1.15c
Linux 1.15c
Android 1.15c
IOS 1.15c

These installers for all platforms were provided by Batsu Games, and we would like to credit them for their contribution.

As a way of showing gratitude to Batsu’s amazing team, we have compiled a list of links where you can give back, show support, or contribute a small amount if you’d like. Please check out the links below.

Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/BatsuApps/
Paypal – batsu.apps@gmail.com

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