OPTCGSim Version 1.19c is now available | OPTCG | One Piece Card Game

One of the truly remarkable aspects of this latest build is the invaluable contributions from our fellow developers. You can find the entire list of these dedicated individuals in the Credits menu (in game). A heartfelt shoutout to each and every one of them for their tireless efforts in tackling bug reports, reproducing issues, and streamlining the codebase. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

OPTCG Sim 1.19c

New Card Additions:

  • All ST11 cards are now available.
  • All ST12 cards have been introduced.
  • Promo cards P-044, P-045, P-047, P-049, P-050, P-052, P-053, P-054, and P-056 have been included.
  • OP06-001 Uta, OP06-022 Yamato, and OP06-047 Reiju Leaders are now part of the collection.
  • OP06-104 Kikunojo and OP06-109 Denjiro have been incorporated.

General Bug Fixes:

  • Effects that place cards on the bottom of the deck now correctly maintain the order.

Card-Specific Bug Fixes:

  • OP01-116 Artificial Devil Fruit SMILE functions as intended.
  • OP02-002 Leader Garp now correctly triggers multiple times from OP04 Karoo’s effect.
  • OP03-095 Air Door works properly.
  • OP04-005 Kung-Fu Dugong is now tagged with Alabasta Kingdom.
  • OP04-100 Capone Bege no longer carries the Straw Hat tag.
  • OP05-001 Sabo Leader no longer causes game-breaking issues.
  • OP05-030 Rosinante Blocker no longer leads to game-breaking situations.
  • OP05-099 Amazon no longer allows players with no life to choose ‘trash life’ as a cost.
  • OP05-101 Ohm is now accurately classified as a Slash type.
  • ST03 Sentomaru no longer disrupts the game when used with no valid Pacifista in the deck and a full board in play.

To download:

Windows – click here
Android APK – click here
Android 32 APK – click here
Linux – click here

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Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/BatsuApps/
Paypal – batsu.apps@gmail.com

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